Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (2023)

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Malaika Nabillah & Delali Ayivi Imraan Christian Aart Verrips Malaika Nabillah & Delali Ayivi Kumi Obuobisa and Kweku Yeboah JI+DOH Aneta Michniak Julie Dakwar Mauricio Holc Arden Dhamar Lambaren Eluvier Acosta Lesley Xiaohan Ma Farren van Wyk David PD Hyde David PD Hyde John Bailey Nolfe Imraan Christian Marzio Emilio Villa Robert Perez Sheilby Macena Gabriella Clifford Gabriella Clifford Sasha Chaika Raphael Gaultier Stella Asia Consonni Sanaa Mothabisa Jude Lartey Simone Steenberg Ines Bahr Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle Gus Sarkodee Sackitey Tesa Diego Moreno Kumi Obuobisa and Kweku Yeboah Alassane Sy Lasalle Moore Aruzhan Aitenova Sophie Kietzmann Irina Werning Egle Ellerman Paul Dittmann Lauren Ridenour & Ryan Belk Nina Brasca Marita Gomsrud Olivia Morgan Glauber Van Dender Cseke Tamás Clara Fortuny Dima Sikorski Malachi Smythe Iryna Jyhila Ben Rayner Eden Jetschmann Yen Espinoza Andrea Baioni Sara Nicomedi Olivia de Villaine Marita Gomsrud Dénes Babai Benedetta Ristori Sophie Kietzmann Ramona Wang Jasmina Martiradonna Juanito García Can Roxana Romańska Lucy Bruce-Gardner David Bamiwuye ALIYAAH JACKSON Mikhailia Petersen Oluwakayomide Tejuoso Eluvier Acosta Christine Anderson Andres Altamirano Luke Ncube Bade Fuwa Adeolu Osibodu Marion Theuerkauff Tabea Mathern Maria Kniaginin-Ciszewska Gigi Freyeisen Sara Lorusso Tirtha Lawati Tsele Nthane Henry Head & India Head Raajadharshini Kalaivanan Alexis Milan Cobbs Audrey Blue Apoorva Dhingra Taiye Omokore Johan Rönnow Legát Anna Franciska Daniela Brazon Florence Mann Francis Gumayagay Elianel Clinton Alexander Courtman Tyler McColley Ogorogile Nong Carlotta Ricci Guarionex Rodriguez Brittany Brooks Laura Plaza Ali Ghorbani Moghaddam Lise van Trijp Inna Pachkina Tanya Lavache Zuzu Valla Darina Umka Mylo Butler Jessica Raddino Nqaba Shakes Mbolekwana Moniek Kuipers Darcey de los Reyes Wilson Ballarin Yke O’hara Tomasz Lazar Francesco Migliaccio Malavika Jayaram Kiti Wullich Robin Schwartz Tevin Evans Tiziana Carbone Kimbra Audrey Lo Maria Chiara Gaetani Stepan Chubaev Karabo Mooki Sonali Ohrie Micol Bartolucci Francesca Lanaro P. Mastro Krishna V Iyer Mei Tao Mirko Sperlonga Ramak Bamzar Darío Castillo Felicia Carter Valeriy Veduta 咩咩uin Sebastian Galin Kwasi Darko Sergio Javier Bosco Luke Bell Doman Mark Yareham Palomo Gorkey Patwal Larry Lewis Natalia Ceccaldi Polina Wieriemiejchuk Klaudia Kaczmarczyk Sophia Wöhleke Luca + Maurizio De Siena Roman Asmus

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lemanja (mamy wata)

Malaika Nabillah & Delali Ayivi


Denim Dreams. Our Levi’s 501 Story is a story of dreams. To tell our Levi’s 501 Story, we visited our local market, where local artisans upcycle denim. Our project aims to tell the dreams of the Togolese youth through the use of Togolese fairytales and folklore. Our image aims to create a magical and utopian universe that celebrates Togolese culture and the joy of its youth and invites spectators to dream and imagine, creating a mix of tradition and modernity. View the full story.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (1)

Grant Recipient

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eldorado olifant

Imraan Christian

South Africa

Celebrating an indigenous family in Eldorado Park, one of the most notorious areas in Johannesburg, through a fashion editorial powered by upcycled denim. This picture is part of a story that explores the thread that ties many generations together; timeless style. The 501 is timeless, and loved by the Matriarch of the Olifant family; Aunty Janey. The story explores this idea of intergenerational connection through the cyclical nature of fashion. The family in frame, lovingly known by the Eldorado community. View the full story.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (2)

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the ode

Aart Verrips

South Africa

An ode to the rebels, the miners, the cowboys and to all of those women who stole the pants off of men. To the original, the ever-lasting and always changing 501’s. Infused with an old-school treatment and paired with some speratic outburst of dances. Shot in the Only Hause on the African Region.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (3)

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lemanja (mamy wata)

Malaika Nabillah & Delali Ayivi


Denim Dreams. Our Levi’s 501 Story is a story of dreams. To tell our Levi’s 501 Story, we visited our local market, where local artisans upcycle denim. Our project aims to tell the dreams of the Togolese youth through the use of Togolese fairytales and folklore. Our image aims to create a magical and utopian universe that celebrates Togolese culture and the joy of its youth and invites spectators to dream and imagine, creating a mix of tradition and modernity.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (4)

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thrift soul

Kumi Obuobisa and Kweku Yeboah


In Ghana, there are no 501 outlets but fashion enthusiasts like myself are only able to find some original 501s in the second-largest second-hand clothing market in Africa. The good thing about the 501s is their durability making them a choice pick when shopping. This picture is part of a three-part series highlighting the role these jeans play in my environment. We see the thrift king going to the market to find some vintage jeans – his preferred choice is the 501’s. To him, thrifting is a way of life and a reflection of your soul because you get the chance to create your own style. He is seen in the video shutting down the streets with his unique style.

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501 gb



This picture is part of a series that depicts 15 lovely and amazing models that brought their own pair of 501 jeans. We invited them to a garden with a 12ft trampoline and had them jump to the green and blue skies of London.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (5)

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501 women: feminity, expression & sisterhood

Aneta Michniak


This photo series honours the enduring bond between women, their bodies, and their beloved Levi’s 501 jeans. It celebrates the power of self-expression and the sisterhood of women, reflecting unique identities while embracing diversity and beauty. The 501 jean is a symbol of empowerment, paying tribute to a remarkable legacy of women who have cherished these jeans for years.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (6)

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photostory levi’s 501

Julie Dakwar


My grandmother does not like to get photographed. We were overwhelmed when she approved this picture. It was the first time she allowed us to give her back a little. This was a meaningful experience for me and an amazing memory to have.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (7)

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proudly pride

Mauricio Holc


The picture is part of the series “Wearing pride”. Dressing is an action of identity. Each garment, color, accessory that we decide to incorporate becomes an act of pride that celebrates our diversity and therefore the political expression of our identity. We manifest our existence and pride through clothing. We, queers, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, non-binary, have opened up new possibilities of dressing to be who we want to be and celebrate ourselves. Getting dressed revolutionized the fact of who we are.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (8)

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the twins



“The twins” is an analog project shot in the surroundings of Madrid that talks about the bonds with the family.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (9)

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las memorias que marcaron mi corazón

Dhamar Lambaren


I represent myself and my Chicano community and all our people! This is just a picture of myself feeling the sunlight which represents the blessings that have came to me. The background is showing the neighborhood. I’m wearing boots to point out the memories of Mexico and I’m wearing a white shirt that signifies the purity of a childhood. The jeans were given to me by my mom which means she wore them before me. I draw on it to show the symbols that are important for me, it brought me back to when I drew on the park’s grounds.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (10)

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love tribute

Eluvier Acosta


This video showcases a diverse couple deeply in love and represents the universality of love. Against a backdrop of natural beauty, the photos portray different aspects of their love story, capturing intimate moments of laughter, affection, and shared experiences. The unfiltered joy and happiness that comes with finding love are depicted in raw emotion and genuine connection. The video highlights the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, featuring a couple of different races and cultures. The photos celebrate diversity, acceptance, and inclusivity, aligning with the brand’s core values. Overall, it’s a beautiful tribute to the power of love that unites people of all backgrounds and walks of life, transcending all boundaries and obstacles.

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love empowers freedom

Lesley Xiaohan Ma


A beautiful plus-size girl with unique skin tone exudes confidence in this photo, showing that beauty comes in all shapes and colors. She serves as an inspiration for other girls to embrace their uniqueness, express themselves bravely, and reject societal beauty standards. This photo highlights the message of Waves of Inclusion and Levi’s 501’s versatility in celebrating diversity.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (11)

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dutch countryside x levi’s 501

Farren van Wyk


From an almost topless Marilyn Monroe wearing a 501 to the topless Cindy Crawford for Levi’s. These campaigns have shown that jeans are an essential timeless item that should stand out since Levi’s chose to introduce 501s for women in 1981. Out on our family farm my brothers Alexander, Marck-Anthony, Benjamin and I created a Spring inspired portrait. The notion of fresh milk by looking at the milk cans. The old watering cans with straws and black vases with our own tree branches in bloom create a mixture of farmland meeting timeless American Levi’s.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (12)

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my 501 story

David PD Hyde


This is my story of a beautiful world. There are no barriers in friendship between race, gender and disabilities. We can all be friends. A project by David PD Hyde Video, Creative Direction and Casting: David PD Hyde Stylist: Emily Evans Makeup Artist: Sasha Mamedova Hair: Hiroko Matsuo Model: Daniel @ D1 London, James Y @ Zebedee Talent, Kae, Kailing @ D1 London, and Starr Evans Special Thanks: Vintage Levi’s supplied by Chloe Culpin at Pin Denim

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my 501 story

David PD Hyde


This picture is part of a series of photographs which tell my story of a beautiful world. There are no barriers in friendship between race, gender and disabilities. We can all be friends. A project by David PD Hyde Photography, Video, Creative Direction and Casting: David PD Hyde Stylist: Emily Evans Makeup Artist: Sasha Mamedova Hair: Hiroko Matsuo Model: Daniel @ D1 London, James Y @ Zebedee Talent, Kae, Kailing @ D1 London, and Starr Evans Special Thanks: Vintage Levi’s supplied by Chloe Culpin at Pin Denim


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (13)

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portraits of atlanta creatives

John Bailey Nolfe


Atlanta has continued to solidify itself as a place where creativity is thriving in entertainment and media. Atlanta’s unique cultural diversity produces art unlike any other place in the world. This picture is part of a project that showcases four different local artists in their element.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (14)

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eldorado olifant

Imraan Christian

South Africa

Celebrating an indigenous family in Eldorado Park, one of the most notorious areas in Johannesburg, through a fashion editorial powered by upcycled denim. This picture is part of a story that explores the thread that ties many generations together; timeless style. The 501 is timeless, and loved by the Matriarch of the Olifant family; Aunty Janey. The story explores this idea of intergenerational connection through the cyclical nature of fashion. The family in frame, lovingly known by the Eldorado community.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (15)

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milano skating

Marzio Emilio Villa




Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (16)

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Robert Perez


501. A new beginning.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (17)

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denim kin – levi’s by the ocean

Sheilby Macena


Levi’s 501 has always symbolized tradition and bringing people together through denim. However, in this project, the brand celebrates the evolution of family and pays homage to its traditional values while embracing change. Levi’s 501 jeans are showcased as a canvas for innovation and revolution with versatile designs created by diverse Bay Area talent. The first set of four images, shot at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, capture the essence of lifestyle and individuality while representing the carefree nature of spending time with chosen family. It reflects the idea of an evolution of family – that for many it’s not just about blood relations; it’s about the people we choose to have in our lives, and the creative spirit that our friends bring out in us. In that vein, although things never last forever, Levi’s 501 will always stand for quality and tradition.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (18)

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a backbone

Gabriella Clifford


For this project, I gathered an eclectic group of NYC and Brooklyn-based creatives to showcase their personal journeys with the classic jean that carries on through each body it supports, with every wash, rip, and stitch. From the queer comedy scene to textiles and knitting, movement direction, and brand co-founders, I asked the subjects how the 501 affects them on a personal level. Michael Cipriani finds comfort and stability in them, while Vincent Rutherford sees them as a memorabilia staple that has been through many adventures with him.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (19)

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a backbone

Gabriella Clifford


With this project I wanted to showcase an eclectic group of NYC/Brooklyn creatives that have a rich history and journey with the 501. How does a classic jean carry on through each body it supports? With every color and shade of the wash – the 501 flavor is accessible. With every rip and stitch the jeans become more personal. Through each wear irreplaceable memories are made.

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crash on you

Sasha Chaika


What does “I have a crush on you” mean? It’s not love or sympathy, it’s something else. The feeling of “crushing” is really about an extremely special moment, feeling shy and uncomfortably giddy at the same time. It’s somemthing which seems to be perfect, something to which one is drawn with unbelievable force. And, kaboom, it happens. It’s a transgressive, overwhelming, tooth-shattering feeling, in which you literally melt. Softly, perversely romantic and doomed to have no control over the feelings of attachment and blending with each other.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (20)

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modern day love story

Raphael Gaultier


This photo is from a series that follows a young couple, Liim and Lana, through their story of falling in love. Using the iconic Levi’s 501 jean as a backdrop to tell the story of their love, we follow Liim and Lana through a day in their life with friends, as they lounge around Tompkins Park, stop by the local bodega for snacks, and enjoy a moment of quiet intimacy at home. This project is an ode to their love, and the friendships they’ve made along the way. Liim and Lana with their friends on the church steps in East Village.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (21)

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pier, agnes and lupo

Stella Asia Consonni


Pier, Agnes and Lupo are from the series Love Me, exploring intimacy and relationships.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (22)

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a morning after the day before

Sanaa Mothabisa

South Africa

The story is about two friends who go to a club and one of them meets an attractive woman. They leave the club and spend the night together. The next morning, the woman takes the guy’s Levi’s 501 jeans as a memento – shifting their one-time encounter to a forever connection between his 501 jeans and her.

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loyalty & brotherhood

Jude Lartey


In celebration of Levi’s 150 years, I’m documenting friends and natives on my iPhone repping their Levi’s 501 jeans in my motherland.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (23)

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daniel, kris, oliver and sadik — the blue spirit

Simone Steenberg


This photo is part of a series that celebrates Levi’s 501 through the blue spirit connection. It represents playful images where characters uncover their hidden superhero without needing to become one. With Levi’s 501, the ‘everyday’ transforms into magic and brings new meaning to make sense of the chaotic reality we live in. Wearing Levi’s 501 – brings you the freedom to play and gives you more space to be messy in the act of the imperfect — Levi’s 501 is the balanced way of life.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (24)

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a pear of jeans a little piece of freedom

Ines Bahr


A grab towards a floating, distant glimpse of freedom. Jeans in socialist countries used to be so much more than just a piece of clothing. They were symbols of freedom, culture and a world that was hidden from people.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (25)

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the flower thrower

Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle


The Flower Thrower is a symbol of the power of peaceful resistance, and women have used this tactic in many powerful ways throughout history. The masked protester is wearing jeans, which have traditionally been associated with masculine attire. By portraying the Flower Thrower in jeans, we are sending a message that gender should not determine one’s ability to fight for justice and create change.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (26)

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re-denim-nation: the art of upcycling

Gus Sarkodee


The fashion industry’s impact on the environment has led to a focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability. Upcycling has gained popularity as a process that reduces textile waste and conserves raw materials. Levi’s, a brand built on quality and timeless style, is taking on the challenge of sustainability in this editorial project. Set against a backdrop of nature, the models exude confidence knowing they are wearing something making a positive impact on the planet: upcycled Levi’s denim pieces, each unique and inspired by the original garment. The project showcases the power of upcycling and its potential to change the fashion industry.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (27)

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give your fellow man his flowers

Sackitey Tesa


In these images, denim represents freedom in a society where mental health is still secretly confining many. We hope to create safe spaces for young African men and women to share their struggles. We hope to promote a focus on supporting people while they are alive, not just glorifying them when they are gone. The image features three characters: one representing those fighting their own silent battles, and two holding a crown symbolizing love and positivity. Denim gloves with flower art represent the kindness we should show to others. This image represents our ideal society.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (28)

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a new paradise.

Diego Moreno


This picture is taken from my family album, in which each member poses in their special moment with their Levi’s 501 . In my family, Levi’s pants could only be used in special moments of our lives: birthdays, family parties or school graduations, because a Levi’s pant was expensive for the family budget and had to be unique and unrepeatable. Like the fictional moments we construct through photography and the family album, I faithfully believe that clothing builds our identity over time.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (29)

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Kumi Obuobisa and Kweku Yeboah


Thrift Soul. Motobi is a local term for masquerade. Mawuli is a biker and a cultural dancer who lives in the Kokrobite community. Mawuli performs with a motorcycle every Sunday afternoon wearing an African masquerade to signify his strength at the shores to entertain where he performs in denim patchworks made by a local tailor. “Jeans are stronger than cotton I don’t have to spend twice when I make patchworks from denim to performs all these crazy moves because the jeans itself serves as an armor.”


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (30)

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party ambiance

Alassane Sy


This picture is part of a series of portraits that reimagines the vibrant party ambiance of the youth of Burkina Faso in the 70s and 80s. In this story – our creative Director – Mo has made sure to bring forth the cultural elements ever so loudly. The draping of the African wax fabrics in the set design is reflective of the African textiles used as curtains. Denim has always been an integral part of the evolution of the African style. Denim has found its way as a staple on the continent. What we feel is far more significant is denim’s juxtaposing ability in relation to how it is easily incorporated into an otherwise fully traditional outfit.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (31)

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for everyone.

Lasalle Moore


Levis made for everyone.

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Aruzhan Aitenova


My áje (grandmother) passed on the style of her youth.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (32)

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into you

Sophie Kietzmann


The clothes on my body walk me through the world. I inhabit this shape, this texture as I inhabit my gender. I fold myself inside out on the surface of this fabric as you run your fingers over my forearm. See the color of my soul and call me by the name of my identity. Let the clothes on my body tell you how to love me. Talent: Coral (We Speak) and Mimi Styled by Anica Buckson Makeup by Natalia Thomas.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (33)

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locks and levis

Irina Werning


More than just a fashion statement, it also carries a message of sustainability and ethical fashion. By featuring long hair, a symbol of ancient tradition and connection to the land, I hope to inspire others to adopt similar values in their own lives and fashion choices. Levi’s 501 jeans are the embodiment of quality and durability, making them a perfect choice for those who wish to contribute to a more sustainable future.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (34)

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Egle Ellerman


Balance between gentle feminity and row texture of denim.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (35)

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magdi for levis

Paul Dittmann


A very private Levi’s homestory in shared flats in Vienna documenting young adulthood. The picture presents Magdi in her flat in Vienna.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (36)

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for everyone.

Lauren Ridenour & Ryan Belk


Eliza Kerrison (she/her) wearing custom 501s. Shot at Redux Arts Center, in Charleston, South Carolina.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (37)

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Nina Brasca


Nina. I like to feel your gaze on me and I like that when I see you, you really see me. How do you feel when someone is really watching you? When you tell them about things you like, in their eyes you can see the attention they are giving you. They can touch you, just by eye contact. At the end of the day, I think we can lie to ourselves all we want, but it’s impossible to lie with our eyes. It leaves us exposed and vulnerable. Eyes undress us in front of each other, despite wearing clothes. Touching with the gaze.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (38)

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501 story

Marita Gomsrud


Levi’s 501 jeans have been part of the story of America’s history, worn by those who built the country with their bravery, adventure, and hard work. This short film directed by Mariel & Marita Gomsrud showcases the legacy of Levi’s and the people who wore them. From farmers to astronauts, the 501s have been a symbol of strength and resilience. The film features Shawn Nelson, Katherine Hartley, Montana Titus, Sandra Jones, and Brynn Taylor. Shot by DP John Calabrese, edited by Jonah Sublette, and colored by Billy Landry, this film is a tribute to the American spirit.

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their greatest story ever worn | a new beginning

Olivia Morgan


The picture is part of the series “Through time emerges love | Their Greatest Story Ever Worn”. A beautiful love story evolved with faith, trust, and time. Capturing a beautiful moment where Veronica and Randy are soon to welcome their firstborn child and enter into a new chapter in their greatest story. Just like Levi’s 501 Jeans – their story has a long history. Times they struggled, times they were pushed to their limits, but with faith and trust they built a strong foundation thanks to which they could overcome anything, together.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (39)

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Glauber Van Dender


501a2 is about an LGBTQIAPN+ couple, proud, colorful, vibrant, happy, harmonious, full of energy, who combine, who have rhythm, who enjoy, recycle and value every detail of life.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (40)

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Cseke Tamás


The project is about how the idea of the Levi’s jeans turned upside down in Eastern Europe, by becoming from a symbol of equality and creativity, a symbol of power, status, hierarchy. How the socialist past of a country is still affecting every thought of their citizens.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (41)

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western blue

Clara Fortuny


This project seeks to give a spin on what the man who wore Levi’s jeans in the past was like, with the aesthetics and context that surrounded him, to reinterpret him from a more updated gender perspective. The colorful images present in a fun way. A masculinity capable of laughing at itself, which shows a more open and healthier way of living that embraces the good of the past while integrating new values that allow us to to build a better society.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (42)

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the modern prospector

Dima Sikorski


I was inspired to create this series of photos by the story of the creation of the first jeans, comfortable reliable clothes that helped ordinary people strive for a better life. As many years ago, modern prospectors are also looking for modern gold. It’s different for everyone. For me, this is an impressive and unique visual content. For others, it’s entertainment and a healthy lifestyle and anything that brings us pleasure from life! It’s cool when people with different interests and goals are united by a piece of clothing!


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (43)

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life of the painter

Malachi Smythe


A short story of Bryce showing how Levi’s has always been a part of the creative process for any artist on the planet. 501’s hold a special place in our heart – allowing us to feel the freedom of movement they provide and the sense of creativity we get while wearing them. No matter how messy we get them, they stand the test of time.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (44)

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me, my levis 501 and quarantine

Iryna Jyhila


This is a true story that happened in the spring of 2020, when a quarantine was declared. All life was confined inside the house, and we tried not to die of boredom. During that time I often wore my Levis 501s, and once we even ran away from the police (walks in the park were also forbidden).


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (45)

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Ben Rayner


Tilda and John Upstate 1


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (46)

54 / 152


Eden Jetschmann


Sophie leaning against the window of my studio, looking at me through a mirror.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (47)

55 / 152


Yen Espinoza


F10 is a modeling agency in Brownsville, South Texas, striving to redefine beauty standards and promote inclusivity for marginalized groups in the modeling industry. The agency empowers individuals who have been underrepresented and challenges societal norms, promoting diversity and acceptance. As a filmmaker who specializes in 16mm film, funding personal projects is difficult, but shooting on film is a luxury cherished whenever possible.

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new memories

Andrea Baioni


The project stems from the everlasting qualities of Levi’s 501 jeans. Most of the fashion I own is second hand, as I don’t like buying fast fashion and I’d rather reuse good product.The first thing I thought when I saw the 150th anniversary of Levi’s 501 jeans was how indestructible they are, so I asked anyone if they had an old pair of 501s they’d be willing to part with so I could donate them to nonprofit orgs.These are some of the people who reached out and their personal 501 stories.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (48)

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overcoming the wood alone

Sara Nicomedi


Guia rides Ademar wearing her white Levi’s 501 jeans, representing the freedom and strength all women should feel in any environment. Forests can be particularly daunting for women, but Ademar gives Guia a sense of safety and empowerment. The Levi’s 501s were the first jeans worn by women, representing a step forward in women’s emancipation at the start of the 20th century. Guia’s embrace of Ademar symbolizes the connection between nature and humanity.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (49)

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levi’s jeans: unleashing the power of women

Olivia de Villaine


This photo series showcases Becci’s daily routine as she tends to a horse breeding farm in Normandy, France. She wakes up early to perform tasks such as mucking out stables, feeding the horses, and administering essential care. Becci’s commitment to the well-being of the horses goes beyond her job, it’s a way of life that demands dedication and hard work. The photo captures Becci’s unwavering devotion to her work and the animals she cares for.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (50)

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Marita Gomsrud


Ojai Rancher. Leaning into our community in Ojai, CA and its roots of the working man’s hands and working the land.You can’t tell the story of America without including a pair of Levi’s. This country was built by brave men and women who weren’t afraid to get knee deep and dirty for the sake of adventure. Men and women who toiled ours lands, built our bridges, ended our wars and sent us to space. America has always been the home of the brave. Levi’s has always had our brave covered. This is their love story.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (51)

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sense of freedom

Dénes Babai


In this photo story our vision was, to create an atmosphere with a sense of freedom. Our location was at Danube rivers, a little hidden island called Homoksziget which is our island of freedom and calmness. We wanted to show how Levi’s can go on a spontaneous adventure. It can lead on with our wildest movements creating true memories.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (52)

61 / 152


Benedetta Ristori


Three of a kind: mixed vintage 501 Levis


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (53)

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into you

Sophie Kietzmann


The clothes on my body walk me through the world. I inhabit this shape, this texture as I inhabit my gender. I fold myself inside out on the surface of this fabric as you run your fingers over my forearm. See the color of my soul and call me by the name of my identity. Let the clothes on my body tell you how to love me. Talent: Coral (We Speak) and Mimi Styled by Anica Buckson Makeup by Natalia Thomas.

63 / 152

hop and chi

Ramona Wang


My friends are cyborgs but that’s okay. Siblings: Hop Nguyen, Chi Nguyen, Styled by Natasha Bock.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (54)

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blooming in the sun

Jasmina Martiradonna


“Blooming in the sun” is a story of collective moments of play and spontaneity in nature, imagining swimming like fishes, flying like birds, becoming children again, being human. For each image a description was written in the form of a haiku, also born from a game: in a circle each person wrote a word on a slip of paper and passed it folded to the next person, who wrote another word. Thus from the impressions of the moment eight free compositions were born. Pic haiku: “da sempre con te sogno nature fortunate casa mia ancora spero”.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (55)

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elevarme en la colina

Juanito García Can


I’ve always compared balloons to dreams. The more we dream and yearn for something, the more we fight to make our dreams come true. In that sense, ‘rising in the hill’ tells a story of dreaming, holding on to what we dream, and rising with them.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (56)

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matilda’s 501 story

Roxana Romańska


I invited Matilda to the session, I felt that she was the perfect person for this project. Matilda shares her story with the iconic 501 model along with her mother – it was her who previously owned her first 501. Both mother and daughter experienced and are experiencing their first adventures, travels, emotions and charms in them. Their family history is recorded on 501. But it’s not over. 501s will be passed on to the next generation to keep the family history going.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (57)

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Lucy Bruce-Gardner


The image of “Grace throwing a frisbee” is part of the series “My 501 story: St Malo”. I revisited my 2017 archive to create a short story of selected images taken during a trip to ‘La Route Du Rock’, an annual music festival in Saint Malo, France. Celebrating fleeting moments of youth freedom, intimacy and joy, the series follows a group of friends I attended the festival with. Through playfully paying homage to their role in youth, these images explore the nostalgic and warmly familiar connotations 501 jeans hold which make them so widely relatable and iconic.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (58)

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*jp3g* a collection of human 4rt.

David Bamiwuye


Macy Maya captured on the edge of a car park fence in North Greenwich.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (59)

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a moment to be free



This photo story captures the essence of a free spirit, someone who follows their own path, resists conformity, and embraces personal growth. Each photo represents a different aspect of living life to the fullest, from being bold and seeing with fresh eyes, to enjoying the simple things and being flexible. Levi’s allows us to be unapologetically authentic and free, removing limitations and carving out our own spaces. Free will is happiness, and this photo story is a celebration of that. So, live life to the fullest, take things as they come, dance just because, and above all, be true to who you are.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (60)

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i feel infinite in your arms

Mikhailia Petersen

South Africa

The picture is part of the series “Life in my Levi’s”. Multidisciplinary artists shot in Woodstock, Cape Town. Moments captured in the iconic Levi’s 501.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (61)

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pink pistols

Oluwakayomide Tejuoso


This project, made in collaboration with Yemi Osokoye, explores the experiences of Black beings in a diasporic context using Levi’s 501 jeans as a key element in the imagery. It is a compilation of hyper-constructed photo and video stills of a Black man in Switzerland, symbolizing the anxious archiving of life and the relentless aim to capture the quiet moments of existence. Through this project, themes of fragility, dehumanization, and capitalism are explored, while also celebrating the strength and resilience of the Black community.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (62)

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love tribute

Eluvier Acosta


This picture is part of a series that captures the pure essence of love between a couple that transcends all boundaries and obstacles. The series showcases a diverse couple deeply in love, representing the universality of love that knows no limits or restrictions. Overall, the photo series is a beautiful tribute to the power of love that unites people of all backgrounds and walks of life. The photos are a celebration of diversity, acceptance, and inclusivity.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (63)

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my 501 life

Christine Anderson


As a Fine Artist, I create garments from interesting materials, including Levi’s denim, and use them to create portraits. In this project, I altered a vintage pair of 501s and used denim pieces in the hat and background of the picture. The model wore a vintage Levi’s bra. The portraits express my artistic vision and love for working with denim. The project also features my cat, Cora, who loves denim. The combination of Levi’s and art in this project showcases the versatility and creativity that denim can bring to the world of fashion and art.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (64)

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los trabajadores

Andres Altamirano


This photograph is from “La Herencia”, a project that celebrates Latin American culture and identity. The portraits feature LatinX workers, who often wear Levi’s denim as part of their uniform, heavy boots and a helmet. In this photo, Gerardo, a 52-year-old construction worker from Oaxaca, Mexico, is shown. The project aims to highlight the diversity of LatinX people and their shared language and cultural heritage. The portraits were taken on construction sites across the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn and feature Cuauhtemoc from Mexico, Ruben from Ecuador, Brainer from Peru, and Gerardo from Mexico.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (65)

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denim is in our dna

Luke Ncube

South Africa

Ekinda poses, topless with a denim jacket and her hands in her pockets.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (66)

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only when i think of you

Bade Fuwa


Trying to understand you but when you leave it burns so I stay hidden.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (67)

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you never know

Adeolu Osibodu


Photographed the same day this contest closes. The past few weeks could probably pass as one of the most rollercosting phases of my life but we shall prevail. Picked up two pairs of jeans from the market today and took a trip to the beach with my friend Bade who modelled the images. The images attempt to represent that wild resilience and spontaneity of human. Discovering how far you could go when you push yourself to the limits.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (68)

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keep your 501

Marion Theuerkauff




Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (69)

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Tabea Mathern


Celebrating with you and my Levi’s – and you’re never too late to have cake!


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (70)

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Maria Kniaginin-Ciszewska


The concept behind this image lies in the relationship between two people, two bodies that become one. The main inspiration was taken from a butterfly, which from a cocoon turns into beauty. Hand-decorated trousers become a unique, one-and-only piece. Two lovers, in one pair of jeans, in a rather dreamy scene of a “Polish-grandma” apartment, refer to our identity. The vision that comes true when we are together (in one pair of trousers – literally and figuratively).


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (71)

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a day at the ranch

Gigi Freyeisen


For this project, I drew inspiration from my childhood memories of the Levi’s 501 jeans, specifically the iconic image of horses on the label. I wanted to revisit this memory and fuse it with the vibrant culture of Los Angeles. During a Low Rider gathering, I met Lilian and Mateo, the couple featured in the photo. Lilian is an indigenous woman from LA, while Mateo is from the Dominican Republic. This pictue is part of a series that celebrates the cultural heritage of both LA’s habitants and the iconic Levi’s 501.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (72)

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francesca & andrea

Sara Lorusso


Chosen Family. Francesca is the person thanks to whom I left my city to live in a new one. She gave me the strength to turn over a new leaf and believed in me when even I didn’t believe in myself. She is a translator and interpreter. We lived together in a two-room apartment for a year sharing the same bed. Andrea is the person who managed to win her heart day after day. When I am with them, I feel safe.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (73)

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Tirtha Lawati


Homecoming’ investigates the instance of returning home. A beautiful reunion with family and friends, and my homeland – Nepal. The diaspora politics discusses our relationship with the indigenous homelands, the host state, and the prominent role of ethnic conflict. Ningma Sherpa (Left and Awas Lungeli Magar (Right) on the hills of Dharan.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (74)

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your 501 story

Tsele Nthane

South Africa

My project is focused on how the process of personalising my Levi’s 501s helps me deal with my chronic anxiety. I use my DIY 501s to give me the courage to step outside, constructing something personal that becomes my persona.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (75)

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days like lost dogs

Henry Head & India Head


From an afternoon of driving around looking for skate spots with Jared and Bill.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (76)

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today you’re unstoppable

Raajadharshini Kalaivanan


The joy of movement: Mo and his 501s.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (77)

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levis – what get’s your groove back?

Alexis Milan Cobbs


Titled “What Gets Your Groove Back,” this mock ad expresses my love for how Levi’s jeans make me feel – whether it’s dancing to my favorite records or relaxing in the warm sun. The vision for the ad was to represent the brand in a feel-good, nostalgic way, reminding me of my childhood and seeing my parents in Levi’s denim.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (78)

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susie’s story

Audrey Blue


In 1993 a new born Susie Blue sits on her first pair of Levi’s, her dad’s. Little did she know she’d spend her whole life living in those jeans. Her style changed throughout her life, trying to find herself and her voice but the 501’s stayed, adapting with her. The 501 means the ability to experiment, to be curious and to be exactly who you are, as captured in the archive of her youth and present life captured by me, her wife. I’ve spent several years taking photos of my wife in her Levi’s, but it is in the archival images that I see her roots all so clearly and how the 501 shaped my wife’s style throughout those years. Her 501’s are a story that is still being worn.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (79)

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501 safety check

Apoorva Dhingra


Six friends in Mumbai wear their Levi’s 501s while exploring the city, showcasing their individual styles and creating new memories. The jeans provide comfort and durability during their journey, instilling a feeling of safety and confidence within the group. The 501s act as more than just clothing, becoming a symbol of self-assurance and the human spirit.

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a day in the life of zaid

Taiye Omokore


My Jeans, My Everyday. Individuals engage daily in a variety of activities. We wear our pair of jeans while we move from one location to another. My work showcases various individuals wearing a pair of Levi’s blue jeans. Levi’s blue jeans is a way of life. It is something that many people all over the world have come to love, wear, and style over the years, helping to enable sustainable fashion while also promoting good taste and comfort. My jeans, my everyday, conveys feeling and style, worn from time to time. Zaid and his two friends worshiping at the mosque all wearing a pair of Levi’s jeans.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (80)

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501 livin’

Johan Rönnow


In 150 years the iconic 501 jeans have become an integral part of life. They’re an expression for creatives, punks and fashionistas alike. Kids aspire to wear them. They’re durable enough to play in urban environments and to slip right into comfort. There isn’t a single occasion or situation when the 501 isn’t the perfect fit.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (81)

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it’s fell of the truck

Legát Anna Franciska


During socialism, when my parents were young, having a pair of Levi’s had a totally different meaning than nowadays. It wasn’t only expensive, but it was only available on the black market. If you wanted a Levi’s you had to have the right contacts. My father still has his first Levi’s 501 jeans. For him it’s the symbol of rebellion.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (82)

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Daniela Brazon


The Levi’s 501 jeans have been a closet staple for 150 years, accompanying people through their journeys and becoming a part of their stories. We gathered eight individuals to pose in their 501’s with their personal items to showcase how these jeans can hold sentimental value and become a part of one’s journey. Whether new, vintage, cut up, or painted on, these jeans are that faithful old pair that will always be there for you. Just like a photograph, a diary, or a family heirloom, the 501’s can become a part of your story and hold a special place in your heart.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (83)

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Florence Mann


Portrait of Willow II


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (84)

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bag full of dreams

Francis Gumayagay


“Bag Full Of Dreams”. The image shows a traditional market bag used in the Philippines and three 501s. This represents my journey as an immigrant who came from the Philippines and now living in the United States fulfilling my dreams. Levi’s 501s has always been with me from when I was still living in the Philippines until now that I am here in Los Angeles. Just like my dreams, the 501s represents a journey which I wear or carry with me as I fulfill my dreams.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (85)

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dreaming in levis

Elianel Clinton


A project that explores a dream-like state of enjoyment in relation to the comfort and decades long love I’ve had for my Levi’s jeans. My subject Javon flew all the way from Arkansas to New Jersey to help me tell this story. For the locations I returned to a few old go-to hangout spots that were quite nostalgic for me as a young teenager to bring back that feeling of being young, wild and free while highlighting those young moments I’ll never let go of.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (86)

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501 royalty

Alexander Courtman


Owning a 501 when I grew up was nothing close to the ordinary. I really had to work for it. So every pair was special to me. I have always loved to transform them and make them appear even more special and extraordinary. This is why they are still iconic and this is what I had in mind when we discussed it with the team.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (87)

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diakite denim x levi jeans

Tyler McColley


The founder of Diakite Denim, Ibrahim Diakite, is a master of denim craftsmanship. In a nod to Levi’s rich heritage of quality and sustainability, Ibrahim hand-sewed a stunning full denim outfit to celebrate the brand’s 150th anniversary. In a striking pose, Ibrahim embodies the spirit of Diakite Denim – a brand that honors the legacy of denim while pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (88)

99 / 152


Ogorogile Nong

South Africa

Sandton Taxi Association end year party.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (89)

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generation gap

Carlotta Ricci


In this story I investigate the concept of generations, the identity and the relationship between them. This picture is part of a story made of eight photographs that are part of a photographic documentary of my foster family, beautiful humans that took care of me for ten years and which I now observe with an external but involved eye. Levi’s is a constant of different ages, an object of desire for the little ones, a life and work partner for the elderly. Shot on 120mm film.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (90)

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segunda generacion

Guarionex Rodriguez


A self reflection on identity. I’ve watched what challenges my parents went through just to assimilate into American culture. Spending very few summers as a youth with my family in the DR, I learned the importance of why my parents kept our culture at home. With this project, I’ve spent the past 10 years with my 4×5 visiting and seeing what I can document — never misrepresenting the true energy of Santo Domingo. Without losing sight, I see the Dominican Republic through time spent apart.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (91)

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denim diary

Brittany Brooks


I wanted to explore the empowerment one feels wearing heavy denim, almost dressed for utility. In this combination of dress (top and bottom paired together) exists a feminine sensuality as well as the powerful, “tough” energy of the masculine.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (92)

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love’s good, levi’s better

Laura Plaza


To celebrate the Levi’s 50’s 150th birthday, we wanted to create a piece running, eating ice cream under the sun, gaining lovers and losing them all at once. We looked for the dynamism, the joi de vivre that French people talk about, that something that makes us want to shout in the sunset: what Levi’s mean to us. Levi’s is an inmortal brand, everlasting. It is sexy, it is play. We wanted to portray its essence, to show how important it is. In the case of our main character, she choses Levi’s over love: who wouldn’t? At least we know one of them is forever.

104 / 152

la patisserie

Ali Ghorbani Moghaddam


4am in Paris – the patissiere puts on her favorite pair of jeans and unlocks the glass doors to her bakery. The warm, sweet, doughy scent of freshly baked pain au chocolat wafts through the shop and out to the streets. It’s 8am now and as the sun rises, her best friends gather in the boulangerie eager to secure their breakfast pastry. A busy day lies ahead of her in the already bustling shop. As everyday, she came prepared – with a new order of fresh cream, 500 eggs, and the comfort of her caramel Levi 501’s.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (93)

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clutch cartel

Lise van Trijp


Clutch Cartel, an inclusive motorcycle community in Antwerp, was founded by Maxime Broos to create a safe space for riders of all backgrounds. The community has grown to hundreds of members and organizes ride-outs and get-togethers. This story follows Oemer Khan spending an afternoon with his friends in the community. Photographer and Director Lise van Trijp captures the joy and camaraderie of the group. Oemer Khan styles the shoot, and the models are all members of Clutch Cartel.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (94)

106 / 152

live, create, love

Inna Pachkina


This story is about creative and free people, about how we give everything we have for the sake of art, because each of our projects is our child. This story is about how sincerely we love and how we enjoy the rain.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (95)

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after work treat

Tanya Lavache


Living My Best Life. From waking up to working from home and ending my day on the boardwalk of Coney Island, I live and enjoy my life in my 501 jeans. Treating myself to a classic coney island dessert after a long day of work.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (96)

108 / 152

fairy tale

Zuzu Valla


“Wear it Your Way” is all about freedom and happiness. Chloe and Leah, who are twins, have different personalities and like to dress up differently. While Leah is shy and watches what is going on around her, Chloe is experimental and less shy. Another story is about Gala, who moved from Botswana to the UK to pursue her dream of becoming a model. She found her jeans in a charity shop and wears them like a second skin. For her, landing her first photoshoot with Zuzu Valla in the UK was a confirmation that she is in the right place, where she can express her artistic self without being misunderstood. Her journey of chasing her artistic dreams continues in a new country, where she already feels connected.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (97)

109 / 152


Darina Umka


“Rebirth” is an allusion to the metamorphosis of a butterfly, representing transformation and renewal. The used jeans signify the cyclical nature of clothes and how they are reused over time to create something new – just like how our own lives evolve and change over time. There is always hope for growth and renewal, no matter what stage we are in currently. There’s always a way to become a new better person while preserving and cherishing something that go through times with you.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (98)

110 / 152


Mylo Butler


Just like love it takes a million little fibers to make something as strong as denim. This was such a close project to me inspired by the intimacy during lazy Sundays with the person you hold close to you at night. Levi’s 501 jeans have always been a part of my upbringing as a child and even now have continued to inspire me as a queer visual artist.

111 / 152


Jessica Raddino


‘Vivimi’ (live with me) is proving that love goes beyond any other boundaries. Two pairs of vintage Levi’s 501 tell a love story made of joy and complicity. ‘Live with me, don’t be afraid to love me, don’t worry about being judged. Let’s live this moment together, because together we are happy.’


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (99)

112 / 152

downtown with olivia

Nqaba Shakes Mbolekwana

South Africa

As a model, artist and modern day creative entrepreneur, my day sometimes consists of going to visit my model agency for some polaroid images to show to potential clients. Thereafter, I will go for a walk to my studio where I will plan upcoming shoots and creative projects. Once all that is done, I walk home or I pass by the nearby film processing studio where I’ll get my photos scanned, developed and sent to me to edit later in the evening. I wanted to showcase the iconic 501 label that sits at the top right pocket on most Levi’s jeans.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (100)

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age is nothing but a number

Moniek Kuipers


The iconic Nick Kamen Levi’s launderette advert from ’85 adjusted industry standards. We wanted to go back to this concept and break modern-day standards. In our opinion, the best way to show the magic of 501 jeans is by putting them on someone who has been around 70+ years. Do you see? These Levi’s make you feel timeless. A forever classic. It does not matter if you’re 150 or 70, age is nothing but a number. Having a short laundromat break in head-to-toe Levi’s.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (101)

114 / 152

be yourself! aspire to inspire

Darcey de los Reyes


Billy Boy and Ayla August Abonado are self-taught visual and tattoo artists based in the Philippines, owning Storm Tattoo Studio in Art District, Bacolod City. As parents, their daughter Storm is given every form of art to explore her imagination, becoming a young budding artist. Ayla and Billy Boy have become local icons in the industry, transcending style and challenging stereotypes of tattoos, popular for the next generation and continuing the legacy of tattoo culture and the “Pintados” of the Visayas. Levi’s 501 jeans inspire artists to be themselves, with a legacy that remains strong in the Philippines, where the culture of thrifting is prominent. The family is featured in a project called “Bringing Artist Families Together: Your Greatest Story Ever Worn,” a collaboration between DELOSPHOTO and Levi’s for 2023.

115 / 152

family comes first

Wilson Ballarin


“FAMILY COMES FIRST” deals with multiculturalism and diversity as a starting point for building a community. Over the course of history Levi’s has managed to bring together people from all over the world, each one with their own history, making them always feel at home and never out of place. Being international, the jeans 501 is never out of place and adapts to every identity: it invites people to join by breaking down hatred and prejudice in intercultural relations.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (102)

116 / 152

the wait

Yke O’hara


“Tardeo Chill” something very common that we do for many years with our close friends, meet for a drink and spend the afternoon talking, in many cases we are left with great memories and fun experiences, like this group that surely helps us to identify ourselves and remember one of those afternoons… there are things that will endure despite the years passing by.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (103)

117 / 152

wild at heart

Tomasz Lazar


“Wild at Heart” is a fictional story of three urban nomad friends who have known each other for many years. People looking for freedom, liberty and the meaning of life. Rebellious against enslavement, they don’t follow the majority. It’s a story about listening to your intuition and finding your own path. This story presents fleeting moments from their lives. Party after discovering a new place.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (104)

118 / 152

error501: “we need space”

Francesco Migliaccio


It’s a picture from a photo story of these days, the allegory of our lives. For me 501 represent a sense of everlasting. In a world of fast fashion it’s thoughtful that I’m still wearing my dad’s 501! When I heard about this open call as a stylist I immediately wanted to create a story that could tell the importance of sustainability. I played with symbols to emphasize the distressing search for hope. Will someone answer this call? You’ll see!


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (105)

119 / 152

ladli (beloved)

Malavika Jayaram


The picture is part of the series “501 SAFETY CHECK”. Creating a sense of closeness and connection between these people, leading to a potentially memorable experience.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (106)

120 / 152

jeans as a symbol of youth empowerment

Kiti Wullich

Czech Republic

During comunist Czechoslovakia, Levi’s jeans represented the American spirit to thousands of Eastern Europeans divided by capitalism and socialism. Levi’s were banned yet teens wore them anyway. The jeans became a symbol of freedom and youth empowerment throughout the decades. Nowadays, they still have the same space and impact in culture. Used and new, Levi’s jeans are worn by the creative and free spirited new young generations.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (107)

121 / 152

amelia and indie chinese crested rescue dog, beloved 11 yr old girl dog

Robin Schwartz


Our family, Amelia, Daniel, Indie, and Zeke. This photograph portrays my daughter and our animal companion at home for the 501 Levi’s submission. I have photographed Amelia, my 23-year-old daughter with animals since she was born. Our project has resulted in two Aperture books and international exhibitions. We enjoy photographing together. Amelia and our Chinese Crested Rescued Dog. Indie is 11 years old, her tongue sticks out as she has no teeth on that side of her.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (108)

122 / 152


Tevin Evans


Levi’s and Vogue are American fashion staples with a timeless legacy. I wanted to pay homage to their rich legacy by creating a look inspired by Andre Leon Talley’s bright blue look at the 2011 Met Gala. I deconstructed thrifted Levi’s denim which I cut into rectangular panels. Using a sewing machine for the very first time, I stitched together the panels to create a custom patchwork denim coat which I layered over a full denim look or “Canadian Tuxedo”, featuring my favorite dark rinse 501’s.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (109)

123 / 152

501 beauty routine

Tiziana Carbone


Levi’s embodies the beauty and charm of the term “lived”. The soul of a denim reflects the soul of a wise and strong woman who takes care of herself every single day. This image is from a series that follows a real beauty routine. Each photo is a moment connected to the next.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (110)

124 / 152

self-portrait, surviving cancer in my 501’s

Kimbra Audrey Lo


In July 2022, at age 30, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within a month, I had undergone three biopsies and learned that a mastectomy was my only option. Despite my exhaustion, I wanted to document my breasts as much as possible before surgery. For over a decade, I had taken nude self-portraits, and my breasts were a crucial part of my career. Cancer didn’t stop that. Recovery was intense, but I continued to document it, exclusively on film and without retouching. This image is part of a series that was my way of saying goodbye to my breast and honoring my new body after surgery, documenting the reality of being a young woman with breast cancer.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (111)

125 / 152

a bed of memories

Maria Chiara Gaetani


The image speaks of jeans and the people who have lived in them.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (112)

126 / 152

mounting the first solo show

Stepan Chubaev


When I was 17, I have passed the selection process to show my photographs at the PhotoVogue Festival portfolio review in Milan. The festival experts made a significant impact on my vision of photography by giving advice on how to achieve my own unique style. The spirit of the PhotoVogue platform inspires me and has shaped my taste for years. Now, in 2023, I am mounting my first solo show in Moscow, wearing my 501, and I am doing what I love to do.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (113)

127 / 152

dogg pound days

Karabo Mooki

South Africa

Growing counterculture in the township of Soweto, Johannesburg. Punk Rock is a movement that is associated with political, social and economic crises such as the 1976 uprisings in Soweto. The township has always been associated with the vibrancy of the youth and their pioneering political advocacy. This picture is part of a series that sees these punk rockers and skateboarders break down the stereotypes of a movement which in South Africa has been seen as “white culture”, and take ownership of the roots of punk culture.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (114)

128 / 152

nowhere with the right people

Sonali Ohrie


My video celebrates the simple yet profound joys of life, focusing on spending time with loved ones and immersing oneself in the beauty of nature. The woman’s joyful dance in her favourite jeans represents the freedom and confidence that comes with feeling comfortable in one’s own skin. The video captures the beauty of living in the present moment, fully immersed in the world around us. The woman’s loved ones symbolize the importance of human connection and shared experiences in creating lasting memories. Overall, the video is a reminder to cherish the moments that make us feel alive and to prioritize experiences that bring us closer to the people and places we love. Shot on Super8, Camcorder, Canon R5 in London, California, and Spain from 2021-2023.

129 / 152


Micol Bartolucci


I chose to photograph my friend Olivia wearing 501 jeans to represent generation Z. I wanted to capture a typical Olvia afternoon: a walk through the alleys of the center, a chat under the steps of the house and a stroll in the park. Just a simple afternoon with a friend. I wanted to capture the simplicity of a day.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (115)

130 / 152

still denim

Francesca Lanaro


With this photograph, I wanted to portray a gentle and sophisticated male style. By showing a different vision of masculinity with the lens, I was also drawn to the idea of photographing in a historic environment in Venice, distant from the wild nature of Levi’s usual settings. Focusing on the elegance of a cult favorite like 501 has been the core of my pursuit for contemporaneity.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (116)

131 / 152

once again

P. Mastro


“Once Again” is about finding yourself in a familiar place in life, a place of nostalgia, a place of youth and curiosity. It can be sparked by a path on a familiar road or palette of emotions that have made their way back to you *once again*. This picture is part of a set of photos that tells a story about two individuals who are exploring the rolling hills together on a carved out dirt-pathway. They glide the spectrum of emotions as they express excitement, trust, rest, distance, and a closeness all at once. Through out the entire journey, the one variable that remained alive and true was their pair of Levi’s jeans. A staple in their journey together.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (117)

132 / 152

i mapillai

Krishna V Iyer


I MAPPILLAI: The story of the self-declared groom in search of his love with his first crush – the beloved Levi’s 501 – to give him company.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (118)

133 / 152

playing in the garage

Mei Tao


Danielle: Mother. I’ve photographed Danielle on and off for the past 20yrs. She’s a thriving, sexy, fun, thoughtful, loving mother of 2 boys with many other wonderful and complicated qualities that makes her human. The picture presents Danielle playing in the garage.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (119)

134 / 152

pap’s story

Mirko Sperlonga


Pap customizes his Levi’s 501. Pap is a Senegalese boy who lives in Italy. We met on a set where I noticed his pair of jeans, so I asked him where he got them. He replied that he had personalized them. While speaking, he told me about his big dream for fashion. Since then we have always kept in touch. A few months ago, I asked him if he had a pair of Levi’s 501s. Pap then sent me a message with a picture of that pair of jeans. The next day I was in Turin to tell the story of how he customized it.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (120)

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rebel girls

Ramak Bamzar


In the self-portrait I channel my passion for fashion and draw on my personal memories of Levi’s 501 when I was a teenager in Iran, to tell a compelling narrative that references the cultural significance of these jeans in a playful and thought-provoking way. Ultimately, I hope to inspire viewers to think more deeply about the ways in which fashion can be used to express our individuality and connect us with our shared cultural identity.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (121)

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Darío Castillo


Jeans distressed by Andrews Cabaellero modeled by Ileya Shot by Dario Castillo


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (122)

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Felicia Carter


This picture is part of a series of photos that represent my evolution of dreaming, to becoming, and experiencing reality; from childhood to adulthood. What I once wanted as a young child, I could now provide to my own. He won’t have to experience the same “I wish” thoughts that pondered my young mind. He may not understand it now, but everything I have done and am doing creatively is to leave behind a legacy that he can carry and pass on to his family and hopefully, generations beyond that.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (123)

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kyiv may 2022

Valeriy Veduta


Back to a safe place. Me showing my son what damage a missile can do to a residential building.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (124)

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My 501 story.

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501 problems

Sebastian Galin


This picture is from a project that refletcs on how the Levi’s 501 legacy is still very present amongst youth. Denim jeans are so familiar, close and usual to those who wear them that it almost feels like brotherhood. In this respect, I chose to photograph a real brother-sister duo, so as to get a very raw & realistic depiction of their gestures. The stylist, Madalina Simion, essentially focused on styling the renowned 501 jeans model, but also a couple of other articles from the anniversary collection.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (125)

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okada boys

Kwasi Darko


Okada boys follows the commercial motor (okada) riders that carry people and goods into the inner road networks of the suburbs of Ghana. These roads are usually untarred and rough, so this determines the clothing styles of these guys which is usually jeans and sleeveless t-shirts. These men are also an example of Ghanaian working class men who do manual labor for ends meet instead of most of the digital/remote jobs that are fastly becoming modern work culture.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (126)

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levis 501

Sergio Javier Bosco


A photograph taken on a sunny day in March, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Calle Loyola, with Morena.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (127)

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in every lifetime, in every timeline, 501

Luke Bell Doman

South Africa

The image transports our couple to a timeline set in a universe resembling the American West in the early 20th century, as they explore a version of their love story as cowboys exploring the new frontier. This timeline is an ode to the presence of denim in stories of the ‘Wild West’ and the iconic imagery related to these stories.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (128)

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meeting font

Mark Yareham Palomo


The five friends arrive at their “meeting font” and stand in front of it to contemplate it.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (129)

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saba in bombay

Gorkey Patwal


Saba shot in Bombay at her beautiful house full of plants and sun.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (130)

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Larry Lewis


The Weekend. The idea of this project was to create a visual of a getaway from the busy grind of the week and bring back the viewer to the fun and relaxing weekend. Ousmane and Tedene.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (131)

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501 fresh & freedom under the moonlight

Natalia Ceccaldi


Conceptually, we associate Levi’s 501 to an ageless classic, meant to last while maintaining its legacy. In this regard, we wanted the model to express the idea of youthful rebellion, timelessness, androgeny. We associate Levi’s with changing the status quo from novelty and comfort, allowing us to realize that uncomfortable structures are not the only option. Levi’s 501 has united generations, societies, the feminine and masculine in unforeseen ways. We love Levi’s, because we can come up with infinite different styles. We feel freedom and a fresh creative air with the same old 501s, time and time again.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (132)

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levi’s in an abandoned house

Polina Wieriemiejchuk


The picture is part of the series “Brothers”. The guys stand next to each other, their figures reminiscent of the silhouettes of old films. Although the images are simple, they speak for themselves. Levi’s jeans are a symbol of style and reliability, and an abandoned house is a symbol of antiquity and mystery.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (133)

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the lovers, for magritte

Klaudia Kaczmarczyk




Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (134)

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Sophia Wöhleke


A short snippet of what my 501s have lived, shot on Super 8 film.

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Luca + Maurizio De Siena


Our breaths melt together, as if we were one being breathing the same air.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (135)

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miss crystal blue

Roman Asmus


The team and I layered different peaces of jeans on our beautiful model Christelle. We told her to express herself in the way she feels now. The result is a mixture of wild movements, soft feelings and fun. Finding forms and feelings by layering several peaces of jeans.


Your 501® Story: The Exhibition (136)
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