Jungkook girlfriend 2023? (2023)

Who is the current GF of Jungkook?

Although, to the public eye he has remained single since his debut in the group. But, that's no excuse for being involved in rumors regarding his love life with Lee Mijoo.

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Has Jungkook dated?

In terms of a serious relationship, the Golden Maknae is currently single but has previously been rumoured to date. The famous singer seems to stick to his unmarried status; still, his fans link him up to various celebrities from the same field.

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At what age Jungkook wants to get married?


Marriage age: 100. Like J-Hope, Jungkook isn't in any rush to get married. He's enjoying life the way it is, so whenever the marriage thing happens, it happens!

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Who is JK crush?

Some time ago, BTS' Jungkook revealed that IU is his ultimate crush, he melts for her and also admires her as an artist. Since then, ARMY has been waiting for an interaction between the two, although IU and BTS have coincided in some award ceremonies and Jungkook's reaction is evident.

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What is Jungkook single?

His relationship status is unmarried he was rumoured to be dating Jeong Ye who is a K Pop star.

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When did JK marry?

J.K. Rowling has been married to Dr Neil Murray since 2001.

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Who was V flirting with?

Amidst celebrating their recent successes, we take you back to the time Jimin and ended up hitting V aka Kim Taehyung after he openly flirted with Mochi's girlfriend.

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Who Jungkook wants to marry?

BTS' Jungkook reveals he will never get married and the reason will shock you. BTS' contract will end in 2027, and they are at the highest of their career with GRAMMY nominations, millions of albums sold and sold out stadiums. They have also received a waiver from the Korean government to delay their military service.

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Who is the V girlfriend?

BTS V's girlfriend and BLACKPINK's Jennie are K-pop's idol couple, according to fans.

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What BTS members have girlfriends?

But they don't appear to be involved in any romantic relationships. Some of the older members (namely, RM, Suga, and J-Hope) have revealed they had girlfriends when they were younger, Koreaboo reported. But since they debuted as a group in 2013, none of the BTS members has publicly dated.

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Who is the romantic member in BTS?

While all the BTS members can be romantic, the members believe that V is the most romantic! In an interview, the members were asked to pick the “most romantic” member, and V ended up getting the most votes.

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What is JK scared of?

Jungkook is afraid of microwaves because he thinks they could explode at any moment while they are in operation, while he simply prefers to avoid insects because they give him a phobia.

Jungkook girlfriend 2023? (2023)
Why is JK shy?

I started to shrink after being surrounded by so many strangers. This might be the time that I began being shy around people I didn't know.” By the time he joined Big Hit Entertainment, he was so shy that that CEO Bang Si-hyuk did not know if it was possible for the young teen to debut as a K-pop idol.

Is Jungkook Married to Rose?


Who is the girlfriend of BTS?

BTS V's girlfriend and BLACKPINK's Jennie are K-pop's idol couple, according to fans.

Who has Jungkook been shipped with?

Jin and BTS Jungkook

The two of them bicker like siblings, tease each other and make fun of each other, but the best visual is when the two of them are seen eating together. Fans have also compiled many videos of "Jinkook" moments which they claim lighten up their mood.

Who is the ex member of BTS?

Kim Ji-hun trained with the Bangtan boys for a year before he was cut from the debut line-up.

Is Jungkook married or not?

BTS' Jungkook reveals in an interview that he will never get married. He remains single. Still, he is not married and highly focused on his career and enjoying himself with his band members. They revealed that BTS' contract will end soon, in 2027.

What is the No 1 ship in K-pop?

No. 1 Taehyung and Jungkook. Ship name- BTS Taekook.

Who is most shipped in K-pop?

Which Kpop ship is most popular 2022?
  • # 1. Taehyung & Jungkook. BTS's Taekook. ...
  • # 2. Jennie & Lisa. BlackPink's Jenlisa. ...
  • # 3. Taehyung & Jisoo. BTS - BlackPink. ...
  • # 4. Taehyung & Jennie. BTS - BlackPink. ...
  • # 5. Rose & Lisa. BlackPink's Chaelisa. ...
  • # 6. Jungkook & Lisa. ...
  • # 7. Jimin & Jungkook. ...
  • # 8. Jimin & Suga.


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